We provide an extensive product portfolio through our network of partners and suppliers.


Refined Products

We ensure that our clients get a reliable and consistent supply of refined products at the right time, and our partners can produce specifications by request, pending availability.

+ Gasoline
+ Gas Oil / Diesel
+ Fuel Oil
+ Jet Fuel
+ Pet Coke
+ Bitumen
+ Naphtha
+ Light Cycle Oil
+ Base Oils
+ Greases / Lubricants

We can trade all of the above refined products, but not limited to this list, based on specifications meeting our client’s requirements. If the required specification is not available, in many cases we can request the refineries to produce the solicited product tailor made. All refined products follow full GOST and international standards.

We can cover price exposures and provide hedging solutions for our clients. We work together with our partners to find the best financial and shipping solutions to our clients . We are equally reliable whether it be FOB basis or CIF terms.


Crude Oil

We provide access to a secure and consistent supply through longstanding relationships with Crude Oil producers and refiners worldwide.

We can trade Crude Oil in several grades, matching the needs of our clients, enabling them access to the most strategic markets.

Our partners’ and suppliers’ knowledge and global expertise manage transportation via pipeline, barge, and all sizes of vessels to transport crude efficiently and reliably to clients worldwide.

When appropriate, our partners work alongside our finance and E&P teams to develop commercial structures which allow us to finance producers’ operations in return for offtake.

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