About Us

STERGY is part of a conglomerate of companies across several sectors such as commodity trading, finance, investment, M&A, and infrastructure. We are headquartered in Sultanate of Oman with physical presence in a total of three continents. Our team consists of over 25 years of experience in multiple fields and several regions around the world such as Europe, Asia, North & South America, and Africa. We aim to deliver the best ENERGY STRATEGIES, always thinking globally, and acting locally. Due to handling discreet Partners and Clients, STERGY do not disclose any business details unless approved by them in writing.


Having flexibility drives our approach for the best solution for each client integrated with our excellent network of partners. That gives us the know-how and international experience to develop innovative oil & gas services, creating aggregated value for our clients and other stakeholders. Our main pillars are grounded in society with respect, equality, transparency, and integrity.


We share our experience and know-how with clients serving their interests, delivering outstanding shared value leveraged by a sustainability driven strategy, through a full-service capability platform on end-to-end trading, logistics, risk management, and finance in the oil & gas industry. We create integrated value to our clients through our wide range of international network of partners, that represents industrial and petrochemical companies spread across key strategic locations in the world.

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